Top 5 Add on Mobile Gaming Accessories

It’s good to have Mobile Game Accessories as it give you a edge when you are climbing trophy or rank in your mobile games.

In this article, I will recommended 5 product for you to use from playing mobile games.


1. GameSir F1 Mobile PUBG Joystick Controller Grip Case for Smartphones

Top 5 Add on Mobile Gaming Accessories


  • ┬áMobile PUBG grip and joystick– it solving the problem of the clumsy controlling of the touch-screen games!
  • Gaming grip case– it has an ergonomic design and comfortable feeling to relax your hand fatigue for the long-time gaming. Built-in stand clip attached at the back of the grip, adding more convenience for your phones.


  • Compatible with all touch-screen smartphones– The telescopic boom design allows you to adapt to different sizes of smartphones up to 6.7inch length, including iPhone X and Samsung Note 8!


  • The conductive stick-on joystick- It gives players the great physical manipulation, providing precise controlling on the in-game characters, and can deal easier with more complex positioning. The ultra low-friction joystick with anti-slip design enables you to play effortlessly in 360 degree.


  • Recommended Games– Perfect for PUBU, MOBA games or any game that has an on-screen control pad such as Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, FIFA, Dragon Nest SEA, GTA and etc.

2. Fortnite Mobile Gaming Controller & Drone Controller

Top 5 Add on Mobile Gaming Accessories



FORTNITE COMPATIBLE – Enhance your gaming experience with Fortnite & other battle royale style games. PLEASE NOTE: As of 2/1 Fortnite supports Rotor Riot gaming controller, but some users have experienced issues with the L3 and R3 when playing Fortnite. Epic have been made aware of this issue and are we anticipate a working resolution in the near future.

COMPATIBLE with iOS – MFi certified – connects with all lightning connected devices running iOS 7 or later versions

L3 & R3 JOYSTICKS – The first MFi certified controller to offer L3 and R3 buttons to open up your gaming experience.

WIRED CONNECTION with MOBILE DEVICE POST – Experience uninterrupted gameplay with no latency or lag with our wired controller. (No Batteries Needed)

1000+ COMPATIBLE APPS – via our affiliate app, Ludu Mapp available on the iOS App Store

Are you use to playing with a controller, no worries this product able you to connect to your games. It’s great for games such as Fortnite, PugG or ROS.

3. Power Bank


Suitable Devices– all kinds of mobile phones and digital products which have USB cable connector.
Providing several different charging adaptors. Compatible with almost each kind of mobile phone and digital products with USB function. Charging for iPhone/iPad/iPod/MP3/MP4/GPS/cell Phone Bluetooth device, some tablet PC and other digital products.

Charging Power Bank– With a precise IC protector to safety avoid over-charging over-discharging and short circuit.

Size– 6” * 3.5” * 0.75”,Style: Wallet. What’s more worst than bad connection, your phone shutting down. If you are playing with your friends it could be a win lose situation.

4. Handheld Retro Game Console Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 7/8 Plus


Protection-It also a Protective Phone Case ABS + TPU materials is odorless and it’s more hard and durable.

GamesThere are 36 retro games inside, recapture Childhood Memories.
New Experience– A New Form of Entertainment, You can kill time by playing this Gameboy Case

No Wi-Fi– Are your affairs of not having any games to play without internet? Fear no more, this case will provide a cool style and games. The game are pre-builded in the case.


5. COLOR-V Gaming Headset


Multi-platform Compatible-Support PS4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone. Please Note You Need an Extra Microsoft Adapter (Not Included) When Connect with an Old Version Xbox One controller

Surrounding Stereo With Deep Base– Clear Sound Operating Strong brass, Splendid Ambient Noise Isolation and High Precision 50mm Magnetic Neodymium Driver, Acoustic Positioning Precision Enhance The Sensitivity of The Speaker Unit, Bringing You Vivid Sound Field, Sound Clarity, Shock Feeling Sound. Perfect for Various Games Like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.

Noise Isolating Microphone– Headset Integrated Onmi-Directional Microphone Can Transmits High Quality Communication with Its Premium Noise-Cancellng Feature, Can Pick Up Sounds with Great Sensitivity and Remove The Noise, Which Enables You Clearly Deliver or Receive Messages while You Are In a Game. Long Flexible Mic Design Convenient to Adjust Angle of The Microphone.

Great Humanized Design-Superior Comfortable and Good air Permeability Protein Over-Ear Pads, Muti-Points Headbeam, Acord with Human Body Engineering Specification Can Reduce Hearing Impairment And Heat Sweat.Skin Friendly Leather Material for A Longer Period of Wearing. Glaring LED Lights Desigend On The Earcups To Highlight Game Atmosphere.

Effortlessly Volume Control-High Tensile Strength, Anti-Winding Braided USB Cable with Rotary Volume Controller And Key Microphone Mute Effectively Prevents The 49-inches Long Cable From Twining And Allows You to Control The Volume Easily And Mute the Mic As Effortless Volume Control One Key Mute.

If you are finding a cheap and functional headset search I present this. If you want to discord with your friends, you can do so if the attracted mic able to adjust the angle. for Ps4, Pc,Xbox One,Laptop,Switch(Audio) and So On with Soft Breathing Earmuffs,Comfortable Mute & Volume Control,LED Lights,Noise Cancelling Mic(Black and Blue)



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