Pros and Cons Cat Garden

Pros and Cons Cat Garden .With a little creativity, you can keep your catstimulated and interested by bringing the outdoors inside by making them an indoor cat garden. … For your cat garden, you can consider using cat grass (wheat grass), fresh catnip, parsley, mint, rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, oat, rye or barley.


Hers the Pros for Pros and Cons Cat Garden. Cats love to play with plants and to bite them sometimes; you already know that! I have a few terracotta planters, broken; due to my cat’s mischief. If you too have broken pots, look at these DIY ideas. So, is not it a good idea to grow plants that your cat will love to nibble? It’s easy if you have a window that receives some sun, you can create a Windowsill garden for your feline friend.

Here are some examples of plant you can add in your cat garden.



Pros and Cons Cat Garden

Grow valerian. A medicinal herb, safe for cats. Most cats love rubbing, sniffing, and eating this plants and its healthy for them.


Pros and Cons Cat Garden

Catnip is called catnip because cats like to nip it :P. Well, jokes apart, this edible herb contains an active ingredient called ‘Nepetalactone,’ this compound acts like a cat attractant. CLICK HERE to check out types of cat treats.


Grow mint family plants like spearmint, peppermint or any other type; it is not only safe for cats, but it also has many culinary uses, you and your feline both will love to smell this refreshing herb.


Here’s the Cons for Pros and Cons Cat Garden. You would need to maintain it, if your cat love to dig the plants out. Cat love to bite on catnips, which mean you would need to replace or grow more. There’s more than one way to pleased your cat.


In my opinion its great to have a Cat garden as my cat enjoy laying on it every single day. I hope this blog about Pros and Cons Cat Garden encourage you to make one for your Cats. CLICK HERE for a guide line on making your own Cat garden.

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