Mobile legends Bang Bang: How to get free Skins

In Mobile Legend earning seem to be a hard and tiring process as it is require to buy you wanted hero, You will be asking yourself “How to get free Skins in Mobile Legend?”


So how do you get free skins? There are plenty of ways you can get free skins, but its does take time.

Here are a few ways you can get free skins in Mobile Legends.

Lucky Spin

How to get free Skins

There is a tab in the Shop that says “Draw”. Under that, there is the lucky spin. It requires ticket, but you can get the ticket for free. Unfortunately, the chances are unknown. Lol. Some even use 2,000+ tickets before they can obtain the featured skin or hero. By the way, they only offer normal skin. Also there is Lucky Shop. Right now, they only have Odette and her special skin, but we’re hoping they’ll feature new heroes and skins in there.


How to get free Skins

In addition to Battle Points (BP), Diamonds and Tickets, there’s more currency in Mobile Legends available. The currencies are Premium Skins Fragments and Rare Skins Fragments.
Although getting fragments is quite difficult, you can still get it for free through various events in the game. If you have enough, you can swap fragments with various free Mobile Legends skins!There is also a tab in the Shop menu. You can buy heroes or hero skins, though only selected heroes and skins are there. I would say these are free because you can also get the Fragments for free, though it will take time. CLICK HERE to learn how to farm fragments.


Always be updated in Mobile Legends. There are times where they give off skins or heroes. The best example for free heroes are Belerick and Minotaur. I got them both for free before. I forgot where and when, but I got Chou and his Hiphop Boy skin for free. For skin, Karina. She’s one of the heroes in KoF skins. It’s like an epic skin for free!!! And just this December, ML gave out Starlight skins for free. I got Layla and Franco’s.

Watching Streams or Doing Streams

Doing streams in ML, you can receive a skin from anyone watching your stream. They can either give a heart, gifts, or skin. Also, other streamers, they give skin when you watch their stream and follow their instructions.

Seasonal Skin

The way to the next free Mobile Legends skin is to go to a higher ranking. In every season (3 months) Moonton will give free skin for players who successfully reach Master or above.
In addition to skin, there is also a Ticket and Battle Point that you will get.You’ll need to reach at least Master Tier to get the Seasonal Skin.


Nothing Comes for free and that applies to skins in Mobile legends as well. But If you’re ready to work for it a bit you might get lucky and get a skin for free.

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