Mobile legends Bang Bang:How to farm Premium Skins Fragments

Premium Skins Fragments can be use to permanent Skins. It may be hard to earn permanent skins in Mobile Legends. There are some method on getting the Skins you want but it takes too long. I will share with you all the knowledge I learn on farming Premium Skins Fragments.


Premium Skins Fragments Premium Skins Fragments

Here’s are the current skins you can get with the Premium Skins Fragments. My favourite Premium skin is Punk Princess.

Starlight rewards

Premium Skins Fragments

Starlight Rewards are great to get Skins fragments- from Premium Skins to Hero Fragments. You can get your first Premium Skins fragment is on level 20 in Starlight Rewards after that are level 32, 40 and 50.


Recharge events

It depend on the event, you can get Rare Fragment or Premium Skins in the Recharge events. You can earn up to 153 Premium or Rare skins Fragments.

Free Chest

Premium Skins Fragments

every player gets free chest every 4 hours so make sure to login in every 4 hours to claim it, however if you miss to login in time no need to worry your next free chest will be stored so when you login you can claim 2 free chest at a time then your time will reset again for the next free chest reward.

Medal Chest

It can be accessed if you get medals. the medals can be earn while playing a match and earn 10 points or earning more points in every match you play points you get depends also on your performance. If you get MVP you will get 10 points, Gold 7 points, Silver 7 points, Bronze 3 points so give your best in playing so your earn more points to unlock the medal chests. These medal chest refresh every 12 hours and the game will hold 2 chests for you and keep checking to claim this chests and reset the timer to earn the next chest.


Weekly Activity

Your weekly activity score must reach 800 to collect these rewards showed in the picture including 3 Premium Skin Fragments. You can gain weekly activity score by complete daily quest while earning a few Battle Points.


Mobile Legend is a very addictive game which require you to grind for the skins or hero or buy it. I hope these tips can help you. CHECK OUT Mobile Legends: How to earn Battle Points.

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