Mobile Legend Bang bang: How to get epic skin for 450 diamonds

You will be questioning How to get epic skin for 450 diamonds. In Mobile legend it might seem to be a game for rich or opulent gamers. Haven’t u wanted to have a epic skin in mobile legend, but don’t want to spend from 899 to 4k plus diamonds. Fear not thanks to the kof event I will share with you tips to save diamonds and get a epic skin for 450 Diamonds.


Free 8 draws

How to get epic skin for 450 diamonds

You can get them by completing KOF tasks.


450 Diamonds Epic Skin

How to get epic skin for 450 diamonds

It’s very important that you haven’t spin more than 10 times, if you already have a epic skin out of kof this trick won’t work for you. After getting your free 8 draws, you only need 2 more spins to get your epic skin as drawing one times cost 225 diamonds you can draw two times and get your epic for 450 diamonds.

If you feel like getting another epic skin for a reasonable price, I recommend the first time 10 draw for 1575 diamonds a 30% Off. As I mention in the beginning epic skin cost around 899 diamonds to 4K. It will be worth it if you get the 4K skins. I will show you a list of skins and their worth.

899 diamonds

  • Johnson
  • Saber
  • Layla
  • Cyclops
  • Rafaela (S.A.B.E.R & Flower Fairy)
  • Roger (Phantom Pirate)
  • Harley


1089 diamonds

  • Bane

4k diamonds

  •  Eudora
  • Akai
  • Ruby
  • Zilong
  • Karina
  • Roger ( Dr Beast)
  • Estes
  •  Freya
  • MOskov
  • Fanny
  • Claude
  • Kagura
  • Irithel

By the looks of it there will be a higher chance to get a 4k diamonds skin. If you are thinking twice about getting it here is a video of gamers spinning it. Click Here


These are the all tips I know about the KOF event. I wish you all good luck on getting your desire epic skins. Comment what epic you got. Do you want to get free skin without spending diamonds? Click Here to learn how.

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