Mobile legends bang bang: How to earn Diamonds

In Mobile Legend earning seem to be a impossible task to require diamonds, You will be asking yourself How to earn Diamonds in Mobile Legend.


So how do you earn Diamond? There are plenty of ways you can farm Diamond, but its does take consistency.

Here are a few ways you can earn more Diamonds in Mobile Legends.


How to earn Diamonds

Gift Value is the gift you receive when you go live. Your audience can donated Flower gift and that’s worth 2 diamonds.

The Streamer will received 2 BB Coins What is BB Points? BB coins can be converted to diamonds the rate is 5 BB Coins to 1 Diamond.

The rate of gift items to BB Coins is 1 is to 1, so basically if you donated Airplane worth 1000 diamonds the streamer will received 200 diamonds. I hope my calculation didn’t give headache to you.

Star light

How to earn Diamonds

with the current star light you can gems and other reward currently there‚Äôs 30% discount. Costing only 385 for a Starlight member. You can earn up to 2800 worth of diamonds. There’s the Starlight member plus that cost 770. It have to potential to earn 6000 worth of diamonds.

Coupon- 20/50 gems

Uses applicable for Heros, skins and bundle in shop. Minimum requirement 100. How to get Coupon? you can get it at starlight rewards. Sometime you will also receive it from the mail.

Expiration time 14 days

Coupon Starlight Discount – 20% OFF

How to earn Diamonds

Coupon Discount can be use for the next starlight purchase with the current 30% discount plus the 20% that will be a total of 50%! You get a Coupon Starlight Discount by reaching level 19 in Starlight rewards.

Expiration time 30 days


The 4 ways I included in this article is to help you learn How to earn Diamonds in Mobile legend. CLICK HERE to learn Mobile Legend Bang Bang: How to earn Battle Points.


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